Construction Lawsuits

We assist owners, developers, public entities, contractors, subcontractors and design professionals in adopting preventative measures and resolving construction disputes.

We have considerable experience in the handling of claims involving:

Delay, Disruption and Constructive Acceleration

  • Delay and Other Time Impact Claims
  • Disruption, Resequencing and Work Interruption Claims
  • Constructive Acceleration Claims

Measured Mile, Lost Productivity, Eichleay Formula and Home Office Overhead

  • "Measured Mile" and Lost Productivity Claims
  • Eichleay Formula and other Home Office Overhead Claims
  • Extra Work, Unit Price and Force Account Claims
  • Design Error or Omission Claims
  • Defective Work Claims

Mechanic's Liens, Stop Payment Notices, Payment Bond Claims, and Performance Bond Claims

  • Mechanic's Liens, Stop Notices, Payment and Performance Bond Claims

We have developed a number of analytic tools and techniques to assist in the valuation of construction claims. As part of our review of claims for public entities, we provide analysis of whether claims violate the provisions of the False Claims Act. We have prosecuted several cases against contractors who have filed false and fraudulent claims against public entities under the False Claims Act. In addition, we handle issues involving project management, bidding and bid protests, and disputes between owners and tenants on build to suit construction.

We also prepare various documents used in construction projects, such as:

AIA form contracts, General Conditions, Special Provisions
  • Construction Contracts
  • General Conditions or Provisions of the Contract
  • Revisions to AIA Form Contracts
  • Architecture and Engineering Agreements
  • Requests for Qualifications
  • Bid Packages
  • Design-Build Specifications
  • CM at Risk Contracts
  • Notice of Claim and Claims
  • Response to Claims and Change Order Requests

Examples of the types of construction projects we have worked on include: Laboratories, co-generation plants, waste water treatment facilities, hospitals, detention facilities, educational facilities, public recreation facilities, performance centers, libraries, bridges, highways, underground construction, utility installation, mixed use developments, condominiums, town homes, retail, shopping malls, residences, golf courses, instrumentation and control systems, and fire protection systems.