We have experience in a broad range of litigation involving real estate, business and construction. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in mediation, arbitration and trials.

Lawsuits Real Property Construction

  • We assist public entities in disputes concerning the quality of work and contractor claims.

Mechanics' Lien Stop Payment Notice, Payment Bond, Performance Bond

  • We help contractors with disputes over payment, and making mechanic’s lien, payment bond and other kinds of claims.

Contract Interpretation

  • We handle disputes involving the quality or timeliness of construction work on construction projects.
  • We assist in resolving disputes over the interpretation of contracts.

Partnership Disputes

  • We help resolve disputes between partners in partnerships.
Real Estate Brokers, Homeowners, Premises Liability, Eviction
  • We represent brokers and homeowners in disputes concerning disclosures and payment of commissions.
  • We help landlords and owners handle premises liability claims.
  • We assist both landlords and tenants with the unlawful detainer eviction process.
  • We handle large, complex cases involving a large number of issues or documents. We have a paralegal staff skilled with the handling and organization of documents, and state of the art software tools and high speed scanners to allow rapid assembly and organization of documents.
  • We are often involved in disputes dealing with technical, engineering and design issues.